Larger Scale & Private Events

Product launches to festivals and luxury experiences. We are a trusted provider for original and outstanding well-being events, with 15 years experience in VIP to large scale and international events. Immersive, imaginative and truly inspiring, our network of talent and contacts is second to none.

We have 15 years experience in corporate events, festival production and luxury lifestyle. From Formula 1 to wellness festivals, members events and VIP. We curate immersive well-being experiences, interactive performances and much more. From soothing treatments to uplifting and energetic activities – we foster joy, awe and memorable moments in the present.

Our extensive well-being knowledge and expertise is complemented by industry connections including holistic destinations, catering and entertainment. Whatever the size, we whisk your guests into a world of well-being, whether that is for one hour or one week.

From the moment you share your vision, we draw on our specialist well-being experience to make sure your event unfolds seamlessly. We work with you to deliver breathtaking experiences, guaranteeing unforgettable moments – integrating seamlessly and elevating your vision.


We offer a range of interactive workshops led by professional industry experts, selected for their knowledge as much as their engaging delivery. We prioritise enjoyment, engagement and education for sustainable change and valuable learning. Workshops are interactive throughout and include a Q&A and white label tool box of take aways.

Nutrition, Mental Health Sustainability

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Tool Box takeaway with white label content
Rebalancing Treatments

Treatments for inner healing that create harmony in mind and body. Our carefully selected therapists are available for talks about ‘how it works’ and the science and history behind their practice.

Acupuncture, Reflexology, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Reiki

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Treatment tables provided

From soothing and relaxing to releasing the deepest tension. Each masseuse has been hand selected and we meet each persons needs.

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Pre and Postnatal, Aromatherapy, Fascial release, Indian Head and Self Massage Tuition

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Massage chairs and tables provided

Activate the parasympathetic nervous system and take the body and mind out of ‘flight or fight’. Our We represent renowned teachers who provide meditative experiences that range from mindfulness to sound healing breathwork and visualisation.

  • Suitable for everyone

Mindfulness, Soundscape, Gong Bath, Mindful Movement, Breathwork

Ethical Beauty & Grooming

Leading make-up artists, groomers and skincare specialists, who work with major global brands. Using cutting edge, science led products that are ethically conscious. Our artists are available for bespoke talks about skincare, aging and holistic beauty.

Skincare, facials, face yoga, make-up, nails, grooming and barbering.

  • Suitable for everyone – including sensitive skin
  • Ethically conscious products, Paraben free
Yoga & Pilates

Uplifting, restorative, strengthening and lengthening. Our teachers have 1000 hours training (the highest level in the industry) and come from backgrounds in performance, dance, physiotherapy and somatic movement. We draw from many styles of Yoga and Pilates to personalise sessions for your audience. No matter what age or level of experience, we guarantee that each person will feel included and have an uplifting regenerating experience.

Yoga, Pilates,

  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
  • Equipment provided
  • Can be adapted to a chair or table
  • Can be adapted to restrictive clothing
Martial Arts

We work with Tai Chi and Qi Gong elders. Each session combines mind, body, spirit, breath, fluid movement and mental focus. Perfect for a one-off or continuing sessions.

  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
  • Looser clothing preferred – can be adapted to restrictive clothing
Sport Specific Training & Talks

Expert-level training to enhance speed, power, endurance, agility or all of the above. Training from high level coaches and athletes with plyometrics, velocity training, strength training, Pilates, HIIT, and stretching for targeted results.

Workshops include talks from leading coaches and professional athletes – discussing technique, mindset, nutrition and performance, followed by a Q&A.

Running, cycling, tennis, padel, weights, golf, team sports

  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
  • Tailored to a specific sport
  • Sports clothing required for training sessions
Inspiring Speakers & Influencers

Our professional speakers come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. We represent professional speakers in the areas of nutrition, fitness and well-being.

Health and fitness talks from leading athletes and coaches, motivational mental health speakers and well-being lifestyle influencers and sustainability experts

Natural Experiences

Designed to unwind the mind and invigorate the body. We bring experiences to you – or choose from our recommended retreat and spa partners, always set it nature with a stunning backdrop for a complete switch off.

Wim Hof, forest bathing, wild Swimming, sweat lodges, fire ceremonies, sauna and hot tub in the outdoors.

Creative Activities

With carefully selected partners we have created a range of creative activities that range from thrilling and exiting to ultimate indulgence. The focus is on play and getting into a creative flow.

Circus and aerial arts, macrame, pottery & clay, aromatherapy, tea blending, chocolate blending, music video

Healthy Catering

Healthy delicious catering – sugar free, gut friendly, lactose free, Paleo, gluten free (suitable for celiac). All allergies catered for. Please note we do not supply alcohol.

Useful to note
  • On-site and hybrid delivery
  • Event Direction and Management
  • Intimate VIP to large scale events
  • Carbon footprint calculation available

Thank you for the teams performance at the event. Their energy and contagious friendliness was a key element to the success of the evening. Feedback was listened to and integrated into all relevant aspects, Looking forward to future opportunities.