Well-being Marketing & Content

We work with companies on a mission to deliver health and well-being. We help you define and communicate value, create awareness and motivate your people to be the best version of themselves.

Strategy & Planning

We contribute to your marketing strategy, helping to establish goals, select the right channels and establish well-being products and services that create value. We support with the planning of marketing materials and promotional tactics for successful conversion and retention.

The Well-being Journey

We help you get into the mind and body of your audience, so you address real life problems and understand the unique barriers individuals face on their well-being journey. This means meeting people where they are, supporting them through setbacks and motivating them to continue on their path to health and well-being.

We have extensive experience in this area, having focused on niche segments and individual concerns from the outset. We use personas, segmentation and user stories to create insights that drive well-being engagement.


We create tailored well-being messaging that communicates the value and benefits of products and services effectively to each person at the right time. We help you introduce authentic well-being content into communication channels, so you foster a deep connection. We help you become a catalyst for positive conversations around mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health – in a responsible and authentic way.


We draw from a wealth of in-house expertise to create visual and written content that supports your users health, with areas of well-being such as sleep, nutrition, exercise and mental health. We ensure your marketing materials align with authentic well-being principles and fully showcases the benefits, products and services on offer.


We foster your community and thought leadership with live events and leading professional speakers who create awareness and engagement. Community programmes are tailored to engage your specific audience and communicate value naturally.

Internal Marketing & Communication

We help you create internal communications specifically focused on well-being. Creating a strong outline for how you will segment your audience, develop targeted messaging, and use specific channels to achieve targeted business related well-being results. We help you achieve a high-level view of the messaging and create content plans and assets when required.


Whatever stage of planning – we love to chat. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.