Gentle & Rehab Pilates

Pilates addresses structural imbalances in the body which create pain and inefficiency in movement. Physiotherapists and General Practitioners recommend Pilates for recovery from injury and managing physical conditions.

A gentle but highly effective class that works deeply in the body to create strength from the inside out. Classes are adapted to people working with all conditions. Improve coordination, balance and core strength. Mobilise the entire body and work every muscle group. This isn’t a vigorous workout, but it has powerful results. Attention is paid to retraining healthy movement patterns, functional breathing and mind-body awareness.

Useful to note
  • In-person across the UK and virtually
  • Suitable for everyone
  • For recovery from injury, management of illness and age related conditions
  • Can take place seated or on a mat

“Heavenly teacher and brilliant service! My Method responded very quickly after our first inquiry for office Pilates. They were friendly, very efficient and listened carefully to what our needs were.”