Mindfulness can help reduce stress, improve mental and physical health, and even increase overall happiness in life. Using various Mindfulness techniques we tailor the perfect session for your team.

Bring awareness to your senses and observe your thoughts and emotions. Suspend judgment and unleash natural curiosity. Through body scans and observational thought you will feel grounded, so you are not overly reactive or overwhelmed.

Tap into positive sensations and let guided imagery transport you into a safe, soothing environment, where you tune into the sights, sounds and smells.

Include Love and Kindness techniques to foster positive feelings of love and care towards yourself and others. Experience joy, gratitude and contentment. Quieten your inner critic, decrease negative emotions and increase positive feelings. Improve all relationships especially the one with yourself.

Useful to note
  • In-person across the UK and Virtually
  • Suitable for everyone

“Heavenly teacher and brilliant service! My Method responded very quickly after our first inquiry for office Pilates. They were friendly, very efficient and listened carefully to what our needs were.”