My Method is a workplace well-being consultancy and agency representing industry leading talent. Our team of experts have a deep understanding of what it takes to engage and motivate individuals towards health. Creating an authentic culture of well-being for organisations is at the heart of what we do.

Our Mission

To make it easy for organisations to empower individuals with well-being experiences, training and tools for healthier living.

Our Vision

For every person to feel nurtured, understood and fully supported on their journey to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

87% of workers have access to
well-being programmes, yet
HR says only 31% are satisfied

96% of employees seek employers who value well-being

The cost of staff sickness,
to UK business, stands at
£77.5 billion per year

Our Story So Far

In 2016 Alix Waterhouse founded My Method as the first service in the UK to provide yoga and Pilates to your door. Following a back injury and difficulty finding a trainer to support her recovery, Alix left a career in media to retrain as a Pilates teacher and help people ‘find their method of well-being’.

My Method started out providing 1:1 classes in London before expanding to corporate services across the UK and Internationally. We’ve grown to 250 expert trainers and learned to support individuals throughout their well-being journey and across all stages of life. This has led to the introduction of services in meditation, nutrition, sport, mental health, women’s health, sustainable living, martial arts, creative health and team building activities.

Bringing video production and events in-house has been a natural step to helping companies drive well-being awareness and engagement further. We work with companies who are kickstarting their first well-being initiative, through to platforms and event agencies bolstering content.

Our Method

Classes, workshops, training and events are customised to meet employee needs. We consider the culture of your organisation and address the barriers to well-being for each individual. We optimise programmes for reach, inclusion and engagement and offer a range of delivery methods, from on-site and virtual to white label content and hybrid.

Each of our 250 trainers are selected for their high level of experience as-well as their attitude, delivery style and corporate experience. We provide recommendations and valuable insights to facilitate the successful roll-out of programmes and events. We evolve with changing employee needs and emerging health and well-being trends, to ensure initiatives stay relevant.

We help you communicate the value and benefit of products and services with marketing strategies and content designed to fully showcase what is on offer. We drive awareness and foster community with live events and inspiring speakers to create a culture of well-being from the heart of your organisation.

Why My Method?

Well-being for Everyone
  • Classes, training & workshops,
  • For every stage of life
  • Every ability and concern.
Foster Community
  • Events & team activities
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Awareness & inclusion
Marketing & Content
  • Strategy & promotion
  • Assets & bespoke content
  • Fully showcase value & benefits

Our Values


The latest evidence-based well-being combined with leading expertise and business insight – translated into impactful experiences.


Open and honest, we seek sustainable partnerships with companies on a mission to deliver health, well-being & personal growth

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

We embrace differences as strengths, representing diverse talent and fostering inclusion.

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