Staying Ahead in the Talent Market

A recent study of 9k employees by Gympass across 9 global markets showed the importance of companies rising to meet employee expectations:

  • 96% seek employers who prioritise well-being
  • 93% view well-being as important as pay (up 10% from last year)
  • 87% may leave a company that does not focus on employee well-being

Well-being benefits ranked above career progression, flexible working, vacation days and pension. We’ve entered a new health economy and employers who act sooner can set themselves apart.

Employee Experience is as Important as Customer Servive

Employees are in many ways your biggest customers. They choose to work for your mission, leaders, and products. Every day, they choose your brand. 

Like customers, today’s workforce has greater access to other opportunities. Which is driving employers to rethink how they develop and maintain a competitive position in today’s talent market. The prevailing view of talent management resembles a supply chain and the tools to support this life cycle tends to reflect the ideas found in manufacturing: standardisation and scale. But just as consumer products have evolved from using mass marketing and “push” advertising, organisations today are moving beyond a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Customers are more loyal when they have superior experience and that is also true for employees. With ongoing talent shortages and increased demand, companies are realising that employee experience is as important as customer experience.

HR has typically depended on group demographics, roles, or performance levels to group employees. But forward thinking companies are now starting to view employees as ‘consumers of work’, which means marketing and consumer behaviour is introduced into HR. Surface characteristics that have masked deeper traits, values, and behaviours are now being viewed to offer more actionable insights into what is really going on.

Making significant change is not just about supplying resources, it’s about supplying the right ones that get to the roots of issues that employees struggle with.

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