Yoga Outdoors

Summer is almost here which gives us the opportunity to combine two of our favourite things; Yoga and sunshine :-)

One of the many beauties of yoga is that it can be practiced so easily. All you need is a mat or, if you don’t mind a little dirt on your leggings, a patch of ground big enough to house your standing poses. There is something beautifully grounding about feeling the gravitational pull of the Earth beneath you as you practice. If you can cope with the natural, uneven ground, go barefoot and mat free and reap all the extra benefits associated with Earthing on the ground. If you aren’t yet familiar with Earthing, we suggest you get with it. Getting barefoot on the Earth helps to greatly reduce the levels of electromagnetic voltage in the body that we absorb from phones, wi-fi and other technology and has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve circulation, sleep and digestion…and that’s just for starters.


When twinned with an outdoors yoga practice, the wellbeing benefits are off the chart. Marrying all the benefits of yoga, the connection to the Earth and big dose of Vitamin D, this is a serious tonic for the mind, body and soul. And,…if you are worried about wobbling in the balancing poses, you can always lean in to the trees for support and and a hug. We welcome any opportunity for a tree hug.

There is no place like London in Summertime. With its beautiful parks, and it’s interesting skyline, it offers so many opportunities to take your yoga and wellbeing practice to new heights. Our teachers love teaching clients outdoors and soaking up the benefits of breathing and being in nature. Some of their favourite spots are Hampstead Heath, Regents Park, Victoria Park, Richmond and Kensington Gardens.


If taking in the London skyline is more your thing, classes can be found on rooftops including the Soho House venues and others across the city.

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