How to do yoga at home

Beginning a home yoga practice can be a daunting prospect, for all levels of student, especially those relatively new to yoga. Building the confidence to guide your body safely through a sequence can take some time and in a class setting the teacher often doesn’t have the time to spot everyones poses or address questions to an individuals practice.

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Working one to one with a teacher is an invaluable way to learn yoga at home and will help establish a safe physical practice that can sustain you through your lifetime. At My Method, our mission is to deliver excellent teachers to your home who work with our clients to create a practice tailored to their needs. We strongly believe that yoga is a practice that can carry you through life when we have the right foundations and safe guidance.

So, where to start with yoga at home?

Mastering the subtle art of sequencing a yoga practice takes years of study but working closely with a teacher offers the opportunity to learn some of the basic building blocks that will allow you to start developing a home yoga practice. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Create space - mentally and physically. All you need for yoga at home is space big enough for your mat and a commitment to getting on it. Don’t allow yourself to get swallowed by your to-do list. Even a short 15 minute practice will help create space in your day by enhancing your focus and productivity.

  2. Little and often is the perfect mantra. When it comes to doing yoga at home, 15 - 20 minutes daily is enough to keep your joints and muscles lubricated in between longer sessions with your instructor. A little progress each day adds up over time and you will soon notice the difference in tone, flexibility and your general wellbeing.

  3. Less is more, certainly in the beginning. Centre your practice around four or five key poses that you know feel good as opposed to the ones that always feel challenging. That way you are more likely to keep rolling out your mat. Leave the challenging ones to for you and your teacher to work on together.

  4. Listen to your body, not your ego. Your body will intuitively guide you to move at your own pace. If you’ve had a busy day and are feeling exhausted you may need a more restorative yoga practice. If you are full of beans, a more flowing, strengthening sequence might be the thing for you. Let your body tell you what it needs.

  5. Invest in some good basics ; a mat, a bolster, strap and yoga brick are key.

  6. Don’t skimp on Savasana just because you are at home. We advise a minimum of 4 minutes relaxation for every 30 minute practice. Just incase you aren’t familiar with the term, Savasana is the delightful and relaxing corpse pose at the end of your class - a particular favourite with the My Method team :-).

The My Method Team hard at work in Savasana :-)

The My Method Team hard at work in Savasana :-)

So now you know how to do yoga at home, why not treat yourself to a session with one of our excellent teachers to help you get your yoga journey underway.