Have yourself a healthy Merry Christmas

The holiday season is here and with it comes untold opportunity for fun, dancing and general indulgence. We do love this time of year! ..but all that fun can take it’s toll.

The key to staying on top of your wellness game is to be prepared!  We'd like to share our favourite self-care tips for the festive season, guaranteed to help you arrive at Christmas shining like a star and not a fallen angel.

1.  Hydrate....... Cold weather and central heating are super dehydrating on the system.  Add alcohol into the mix and you are twice as likely to wake up with a throbbing head and parched skin.  Make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, with more on a night out.  Before you fall into bed, pop a good quality multivitamin and drink a pint of water (with a pinch of salt if you can tolerate).

2. Turmeric....is one of nature's greatest gifts and a powerful anti - inflammatory.  Alcohol causes inflammation in the body and as most illness starts with inflammation it makes sense to ramp up your intake during periods of indulgence.  We can't get enough of this wonder root and love to add it to food and drinks.   Try making a golden mylk before bed (add in some coconut oil for an extra dose of healthy fats) or buy some good quality shots to boost your immunity and overall wellbeing, Make sure you add a pinch of black pepper to help the body assimilate the the active ingredient curcumin whihe help support the liver and system overall.


3. Move your body.....Whatever your exercise of choice, don't let it slide in favour of mince pies and mulled wine with your pals.  Getting a sweat on increases endorphins and helps rid the body of toxins. Reportedly group exercise increases endorphin levels even more so getting a move on with your pals will make you even happier!

4. Yoga....Yoga is our anchor in life, especially during busy times and times of stress. Taking time out when things are speeding up to overdrive is the very best thing you can do for yourself.  Bring awareness to the breath, as you do in yoga, automatically slows your breathing down which lowers the blood pressure and activates the relaxation response.  This is just one of the reasons it's great for anxiety and stress amongst other conditions.

5. Meditate....If you have a meditation practice, keep it up, even if your mind is more scattered than usual at this time of year (all the more reason to persevere).  It will help keep you grounded and calm throughout the busy period.

6. Rest.  Resting well is the key to balancing a busy, active lifestyle and is crucial to our long term wellbeing.   Restorative yoga, is one of our favourite ways to rest, especially during Winter months.  Incorporating one or two restorative poses into your daily routine at home, on their own, or at the beginning or end of your existing yoga practice can help reduce stress, improve sleep and as a result improve your life.  Supported Savasana (pictured below) relaxes the system whilst bringing calm to the mind and reducing the symptoms of fatigue and headaches.  Supported forward folds such as wide legged forward fold are know to cool the body from excess heat, a side effect of alcohol and certain foods.  Restorative yoga takes the body from fight / flight to rest and digest mode and is known to encourage deep relaxation on par with a good nights sleep.  It's a magical practice we can all benefit from, especially for the sleep shy amongst us.


7. Have fun... There is nothing more beautiful than a happy soul. Laughter is the greatest medicine. Love & friendship the greatest gifts.  And a kiss under the mistletoe, well that's another story. 

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