Yoga to Your Front Door

By  Lottie Hulme | 5th December 2018

You should know by now that when it comes to London, possibilities really are endless and where exercise classes are concerned there’s no exception. Whilst we can’t imagine jumping about in springy Kangaroo-style shoes or hanging from a trapeze in a tutu was the “done thing” circa 1900’s, it is without a doubt that we’re moving in a new, and way more exciting direction. So, we’ve delved into the wild world of alternative exercise classes to have you swapping running for wrestling…

We’re a soccer for a pun, but can’t seem to think of one?


Yoga To Your Front Door

MY:METHOD offers yoga and pilates, and whilst you may think this doesn’t fit into a guide on alternative exercise classes we can assure you there’s more to the story. On a Wednesday evening, as the rain pattered against the panes, a MY:METHOD yoga teacher came down to our unassuming office in Wandsworth. My colleague and I then indulged in an hour of power yoga with our cool, calm and totally zen yoga teacher organised by the group. MY:METHOD has 150 teachers in their catalogue operating across London, thus catering to men and women in all sorts of circumstances making yoga totally accessible to one and all.

Helpful? Extremely! The inconvenience of travelling to classes combined with fitting exercise around already hectic schedules can make us shun off sporting-out! However MY:METHOD allows for enhanced motivation due to the intimacy of the classes, plus a definite ease what with them coming to you and not visa versa. One of the most attractive qualities about MY:METHOD is avoiding the awkwardness some do in larger class sizes. You can also invite people along, so you’re doing what you love with the people you love!

There are a bundle of reasons why MY:METHOD is a perfect alternative. So, whether it be your home or office, just holla at MY:METHOD and they’ll fit you to your perfect yogi. A quick correspondence will seeing you deciding on which style of yoga as well as gauging which level you’re at and thus which teacher will best suit your needs. Ommmmm!


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