Personalised Sessions In Your Own Home


News just in: Women are ditching the gym for more traditional forms of exercise such as swimming, running and cycling. The three activities we channelled when we were children, the Decathlon Activity Index 2018 revealed that less than half the women surveyed used the gym regularly, instead preferring the pool or outdoor biking.

Yoga and Pilates also proved popular, but with services like My Method launching that offer personalised sessions in your own home for both practices (think Deliveroo for the Downward Dog), it’s another blow for gyms that might be struggling for sign ups.

Interestingly enough, workplace wellness is also on the rise. Now worth over £30 billion, companies are investing time, money and effort into what they can offer staff. From treatments to yoga classes to inspirational talks and subsidised health food options, why would you pay a monthly fee for somewhere when you don’t have to leave the building?