Partnered drills, group challenges and team exercises will leave your team buzzing

We combine traditional boxing techniques with circuit training in a workout that is guaranteed to strengthen, burn calories and put a smile on faces. Box-fit is a non-contact boxing fitness workout. You’ll be challenged by exercises that will help develop speed, fitness, agility and power – all designed to improve your skills and stamina. Box-fit is a full-body workout engaging the upper and lower body. It improves cardio fitness, a key components in weight-loss

Useful to note
  • Available in offices across the UK and virtually
  • Suitable for all fitness levels and experience
  • Not suitable for those working with injury
  • Loose or sports clothing
  • High Intensity
  • Virtual sessions are adapted

“Heavenly teacher and brilliant service! My Method responded very quickly after our first inquiry for office Pilates. They were friendly, very efficient and listened carefully to what our needs were.”